Towing Services

While most drivers want their car to last forever, the reality is that a breakdown is inevitable. While regular maintenance helps minimize mechanical issues, sometimes a tow truck is needed.

Some towing companies patrol parking lots and street corners looking for cars to tow. This practice is often called “reverse trespassing,” and it is illegal in most states.

Emergency Towing

When an oceangoing vessel is disabled at sea, the process of establishing an emergency towing connection can be dangerous, especially in poor weather conditions or in complete darkness if the ship is powerless. Using conventional methods, the responding towing vessel must position itself beneath, or near to, the disabled ship’s flare while a line is hauled vertically to the fo’c’sle deck. This is an extremely hazardous operation if the towing vessel is not equipped with a multipoint emergency towing system with an easily stowable fairlead and a strong point that can take the entire load.

The IMO’s guidelines (MSC 35) require emergency towing arrangements to be fitted at both the forward and aft ends of tankers with a DWT greater than 20,000 tons. The aft arrangement must be possible to rig in harbor conditions within 15 minutes, while the forward one should be capable of being deployed in 60 minutes. The arrangements must also be pre-rigged and should be of sufficient strength taking into account the size and DWT of the tanker.

In response to the nearly grounding of the container ship Salica Frigo in Unalaska in 2007, the City of Unalaska convened a Disabled Vessel workgroup to develop local emergency towing capability. The ETS program grew out of this workgroup and is designed to use vessels of opportunity to assist disabled ships that are in Alaskan waters. The ETS is a pre-staged package of equipment consisting of a lightweight high performance towline, a messenger line used in deploying the towline, and a lighted buoy and chafing gear.

Long Distance Towing

Long distance Towing Services in Boston MA provide customers with the option to have their vehicle transported over a wide range of miles. This service is ideal for customers who are stranded in a location far away from their home and require a quick and convenient way to get back on the road. This type of towing involves a more complicated process than a simple flatbed towing service and requires the use of specialized trucks. This type of truck is capable of transporting vehicles across state lines and has the ability to load multiple cars on one truck.

When looking for a long-distance Towing Services in Boston MA, it is important to choose the right company. Checking the company’s credentials and accreditation is vital in ensuring that your car will be in safe hands. You should also make sure that the tow truck drivers are licensed and insured. This will protect you in the event that they cause damage to your car during transportation.

When choosing a long-distance towing company, you should be aware of the costs involved. Some companies may charge extra for out-of-state towing, while others might not charge at all. A good towing company will provide you with a detailed quote and will explain the various options available to you. If you have any custom accessories on your car, it is recommended that you remove them before having it towed to prevent them from being damaged during transport.

Flat Tire Towing

If you’re driving and you get a flat tire, it’s best to call for towing rather than try to change the flat tire yourself. This minimizes the chances of other problems like lug nuts becoming stuck, or the spare tire turning out to be flat as well. In addition, jacking the car up to remove the bad tire can cause drivetrain damage and potentially other expensive repairs. A tow truck will safely and quickly transport your vehicle to a reputable auto shop.

If your car is equipped with a working spare, the roadside assistance technician may be able to replace the flat tire onsite at no charge. If the flat tire can’t be replaced onsite, the cost of the tow will be based on mileage. Most roadside assistance plans will go up to 15 miles for free; if you need to be towed further, you’ll have to pay for the additional mileage.

Some insurance companies offer free towing through their roadside assistance plans or full auto insurance coverage. Check your plan or auto policy to see what’s covered. If you don’t have a roadside assistance plan, or yours doesn’t include towing, you can still use the Mach1 app to find and hire a reliable tow truck service provider at a fair price. No more negotiating or paying for a yearly plan; just a quick, easy-to-use app that will have a local roadside service provider out to you in no time.

Commercial Towing

Commercial towing is a specialized service designed for larger vehicles like semi-trucks or large equipment. It requires a special type of tow truck and can take longer than standard roadside services because it may require additional help or routes to transport the vehicle or equipment safely. This service is typically needed when a heavy-duty vehicle or equipment breaks down on the highway.

If your towing company provides this type of service, you need a commercial auto insurance policy that includes liability coverage for property damage and bodily injury caused by accidents or negligence while on the job. It may also need garage keepers insurance to protect customer vehicles when they are being towed or stored at your business.

The cost of your premiums may depend on the size of your fleet, the types and ages of your trucks and whether you provide emergency or non-emergency roadside services. Other factors that can influence the cost of your premiums include your location and whether your business operates during traffic jams, which safety protocols you follow and your drivers’ safety records.

A licensed insurance agent with experience working with towing companies can provide expert advice about the unique risks of your business and offer you competitive quotes for your policy. Towing businesses need insurance to manage the financial risk of property damage, injuries and lawsuits. Contact an independent agent online or by phone for a free quote today.